Daryl Davis

Having spent time in 51 countries around the world, nationally acclaimed Race Relations Expert & Consultant DARYL DAVIS brings a unique wealth of empirical knowledge rarely seen on the corporate lecture circuit.  This dynamic speaker, internationally known musician, actor and author, has taken his experience transcending racial and cultural barriers around the world and successfully applied them here in his own country, the United States of America.  Envision these highly improbable and unlikely scenarios:

  • A Black man, unarmed and alone, at a Ku Klux Klan rally, not agreeing with their ideology but leaving with their respect.
  • A Black man coming closer to the White Supremacist movement than most Whites and certainly most Blacks, short of being on the wrong end of a rope.
  • A Black man having dinner with members of the KKK in his home and in theirs.
  • A Black Man given robes & hoods by Klan members who have renounced their beliefs and voluntarily left the KKK.

Daryl Davis has lived all of these scenarios and accomplished much more in his efforts to implement diversity appreciation and racial harmony.  Details of his encounters with our own domestic terrorists are in found in his nonfiction book, KLAN-DESTINE RELATIONSHIPS, which has been used as a “Must Read” for all incoming freshmen by a major university.  Daryl is a seasoned and compelling speaker, who has brought his bridge building advice, diversity training, and conflict resolution techniques to corporations and government agencies nationwide. He has also served as an advisor and consultant to media outlets and law enforcement agencies.  Mr. Davis is the recipient of the Washington Ethical Society Bridge Builder Award and the highly prestigious American Ethical Union’s Elliott-Black Award, among many others.  In our currently diverse, yet divisive society and workplace, his message is timely, inspiring, and motivating!

Davis successfully empowers his audience to:

  • Confront and overcome their fears and prejudices
  • Recognize similarities, appreciate differences, and learn from both
  • Navigate in diverse societies in any area at any given time
  • Improve relationships with adversaries

Davis’s unique and successful methods, have garnished him respect from, but not limited to the following:

CNN                Learning Channel                    Geraldo                           Christian Science Monitor

NBC                Discovery Channel                  Maury Povich              University of California

ABC                Pacifica Radio                           Rosanne Barr               Washington State University

FOX                 Washington Post                      Jenny Jones                Lucent Technologies

PBS                  Baltimore Sun                          Inside Edition              National Institute of Health

BBC                 Good Morning America       Hard Copy                    Lansing Police Department

NPR                Atlanta Journal Constitution    People Magazine        Longwood University