Jim Donovan

High Impact Team Building, Energizers & Icebreakers For Your Next Corporate Event.

Your business is a community, and the value of a united community is irreplaceable.

Using drums and percussion, Jim Donovan quickly turns any group into a multi-voice, yet unified percussion orchestra!

Jim Donovan is an award winning facilitator and performer. He was recently named Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year by the readers of Drum! Magazine. He was also founding member of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root from 1990-2005. His music can be heard in major motion films such as “Ice Age”, “Twister” and “Matilda”.

Why Drumming?

It levels the playing field.
Creating music together creates lasting bonds between people unlike any other. By putting all of your employees (CEO’s included) on the level playing field of group drumming, watch how the hierarchies melt away and you each begin to see the importance of every player in the room.

 It creates a strong sense of team.
Create more effective team members by turning them into deeper listeners. Drumming unifies and creates a common purpose for your team and is the perfect metaphor for working together in harmony while highlighting the importance of the group dynamic.

It encourages creative thinking.
When you drum, it demands that you think outside the box. Drumming uses both hemispheres of the brain. Each player learns how to balance their creativity and expression while supporting others in their own pursuits.

It quickly brings focus and concentration to large groups.
Drumming helps to bring immediate focus to any size group. Within moments, everyone is on the same page, letting go of worries, skepticism and concerns, and is immersed into an enjoyable group experience.

It fosters cooperation instead of competition.
Your employees/team members will feel camaraderie and closeness as they experience making music together.

It melts stress.
Drumming is scientifically documented to quickly and safely help people release stress. With the first five minutes you will feel a significant shift in how you feel, and also how the group is better able to focus.

It stimulates deep listening.
Group drumming demands that you learn to hear subtleness. You learn to hear more than one thing at a time. You learn to hear more than just yourself. It increases awareness of others while participants learn to listen and interact with each other.

It helps participants to find their own voice.
Learn the power of individual contribution. In their expression individuals make a unique contribution to the success of the entire group. Group drumming is the perfect metaphor for relationships in the workplace and is a cathartic way to enhance personal and self-awareness. Drumming with others with a group encourages self-expression and personal growth.

It is easy, energizing and enjoyable!
Percussion is RIGHT NOW. You pick it up, you strike it and it makes a sound. With Jim’s leadership any group can be turned into a “percussive orchestra” within a very short time.  Jim Donovan’s Corporate Drumming Programs specialize in building  immediate energetic synergy within groups who usually take a long time to develop.

It can happen anywhere.
Your conference hall,  your business, auditorium, outside (weather permitting), parking lot.  Jim has facilitated sessions in very diverse settings such as a woodworking sawmill, a juvenile prison, factory manufacturing floor, cafeterias and more.


This was a great session! It was energetic, fun and tied really well to our value messages. Especially “Winning Together” and “Courage”. It was a invaluable addition to our meeting!

Chrissy Stengel
-Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Del Monte

Your program was fun, informative and very relaxing. I enjoyed working with my fellow Piggers in a different way. We actually learned and achieved things without the pressures of everyday business. It helped me focus and clear my mind. I was a little skeptical at first but once we got started I was a believer. I always wanted to play music but never took the time to learn. You made it easy for a novice like me to feel good about what I produced. It was a great feeling. Thank You.
Mark A. DeYulis
-New Pig Corporation, Tipton, PA

I would recommend this experience to others, especially the focus on listening skills and the analogies that can be drawn into the work experience, listening to your co-workers, playing a supporting role, a partnering role, an oppositional role, a baseline role, a complementary role.
Kristi Yager
-FED EX Ground University, Pittsburgh, PA

Uplifting, Stress-busting, Smile-making, Groove-finding . . . what more can I say? Jim Donovan’s Corporate Drumming program exceeded even our highest expectations. At the outset, it was clear that Jim’s deep-seeded love for drumming was going to be infectious. What was a surprise, though, was that he was able to turn a ragtag band of carpenters, timberframers, architects, engineers, and designers into a rock-solid ensemble weaving complex rhythms into a single, powerful groove. When we first booked the drumming workshop, there was a lot of trepidation from the non-musicians in the group, and more than a little hand-wringing from some who questioned the intrinsic value of a drum workshop for a company that designs and builds houses. In the final analysis, though, the hand-drumming appealed to virtually everyone. As a part of our events committee, it was really gratifying to see all that trepidation and hand-wringing dissolve into easy smiles and confident participation.
Erik Walker
-Benson Wood Walpole, NH

Your part of the session certainly provided the participants with a unique and deeper perspective on teamwork, creativity, and the role of the individual on success. Plus, it was just darn fun bangin’ on drums for a while!
Tim Zak
-President, Pittsburgh Social Enterprise Accelerator